ManCom Advisories

ManCom Advisories

Conferment of the rank of Associate Professor on Juan O. Mesquida, Ph.D.


On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am pleased to announce the conferment of the rank of Associate Professor on Juan O. Mesquida, Ph.D., effective 11 January 2023.

Dr. Mesquida received his Licentiate in History and Geography (1981) from the University of Oviedo in Spain. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in History (2005) from the University of Santo Tomas. His dissertation was entitled “A Historical Study of the Institutional, Economic and Social Aspects of the Misericordia of Manila, 1594-1898." Subsequently, Dr. Mesquida has published widely on this important institution established during the Spanish colonial period, which had counterparts in other parts of the Iberian world. Thus, he is acknowledged as the expert on the topic both by local and foreign historians.

From 1991 to 2005, Dr. Mesquida worked part-time, teaching Fine Arts, Art History, and Civilization courses. Upon obtaining his doctoral degree, he became a dedicated full-time faculty member of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). He was appointed Chair of the History Department from 2010 to 2011 and Vice Dean for Research from 2011 to 2012. He also served as the CAS OpCom Secretary (2012-2016), with research as his primary oversight responsibility. Two of the important projects he carried out to promote the culture of research in CAS were the revival of the CAS Review (the official research publication of CAS) and of the CAS Research Colloquium, as well as the creation of systems to promote research production and review in CAS. He has also trained many Humanities students in historiography, introducing them to the theory and practice of history.

Dr. Mesquida’s prestige in the field of history, not only in the Philippines but also in the USA, Spain, Portugal, and Mexico, is evidenced by his publications in top-rated international indexed journals, citations of his publications, and invitations from reputable journals to write blind-peer reviews. His remarkable record of conference participation, both local and international, has made him an esteemed member of the community of historians.

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Juan Mesquida on his promotion and in supporting him as he assumes the duties and responsibilities of Associate Professor of UA&P.


Dr. Winston Conrad B. Padojinog
University of Asia and the Pacific

ManCom Advisories

Retirement of Mr. Daniel Rodrigo D. Reyes


We wish to announce the retirement of Mr. Daniel Rodrigo “Danny” D. Reyes from the University of Asia and the Pacific effective December 31, 2022, in order to pursue interests outside of the University.

We thank Danny for over 8 years of service to the University, which he served in various capacities, the most recent being the Vice President for Business Development and Alumni Affairs (VPBD) and President of the Center for Research and Communication Foundation, Inc. (CRCFI), concurrent with his roles as Managing Director of the Corporate Planning and Review Unit (CPR), Executive Director of the Center for Research and Communication (CRC), and, subsequently, the Vice Chair of the Research and Extension (R&E) Cluster Operations Committee. His invaluable service and leadership have contributed to the University’s strategic institutional development, particularly in our expansion and innovation efforts, financial and operational stability, capability-building for research and extension, proactive and rationalized admissions marketing, and revival of alumni engagement. We wish him success and the best in his future endeavors.

His replacement as the VPBD will be announced shortly but, in the meantime, to assure the uninterrupted delivery of services of the units formerly under him, ManCom members have been assigned to cover their continuing operational needs. The temporary redistribution of the VPBD portfolios is as follows: corporate communications and marketing (CCO) and corporate planning and review (CPR-BPA) will be with Dr. Amado P. Saquido, and the rest will be under Dr. Winston B. Padojinog.

Concerns involving the units above may be referred to the temporary ManCom-designates.

We enjoin everyone to extend their support to the units and ManCom members during this transition period.

ManCom Advisories

Creation of the University Research Office (URO)


The Management Committee is pleased to announce the creation of the University Research Office (URO). The URO will be the university’s principal exponent of multiple disciplinary (multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary) research. It shall support researchers affiliated to the University who carry out investigations in research clusters whether part of a research center/institute or not.

Below are the main functions of the URO:

  • Promote the University Research Agenda;
  • Organize activities that foster research excellence and productivity;
  • Create systems and programs to develop and support the individual researchers (single-disciplinary) and research groups within the university;
  • Help strengthen an institutional research culture through seminars, academic conferences and panel discussions, and colloquia; and
  • Establish linkages with other institutions to promote multiple disciplinary research.

For more details about the URO's mission and functions, you may browse through the document linked here.

The URO will be headed by its first executive director, Dr. Grace Liza Y. Concepcion. We enjoin the entire university community to render their full support to this new office.


ManCom Advisories

New composition of the Operations Committee of the College of Arts and Sciences


The Management Committee is pleased to announce the new composition of the Operations Committee (OpCom) of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS):

Dean: Dr. Maria Asuncion D. Magsino
Vice-Dean for Faculty Affairs: Dr. Ma. Concepcion R. Lagos
Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs and Student Affairs: Dr. Philip Samuel Z. Peckson
Secretary: Ms. Agnes Clarizza S. Enriquez

The ManCom would like to thank Dr. Grace Liza Y. Concepcion for her dedicated service and invaluable contributions to the College as Vice-Dean for Research.

ManCom Advisories

Additional Blended Learning Guidelines effective January 2023

  1. Further to the guidelines sent last November 7, 2022, we wish to inform all students that the classes of the School of Communication and of the BS Accountancy program will be fully onsite. On the other hand, all PE classes will have once-a-week onsite classes and once-a-week online classes. Therefore, such classes will not follow the odd-even scheme and students may have to make adjustments in their travel/lodging arrangements.  
  2. In view of the announcement of CHED on 16 November 2022 (cf. CMO 16 s2022) requiring in-person classes, requests of students for exemption from attending onsite classes will no longer be accommodated. As the “quasi-hybrid mode” (hyflex) is not mandatory for faculty members, a student who for some reason may not be able to attend an onsite class cannot expect to be shifted to online attendance automatically. The instructor may opt to give that student an alternative activity. Absence from the onsite class will be counted accordingly.  
  3. Specific dates for the odd-even weeks have been identified and will be followed by the faculty members as scheduled. There will be no swapping of odd-even dates.
  4. The announcement of available classrooms which students may use to attend their online classes while on campus will be released before the 2nd semester begins.
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