Faculty Profile

Master of Science in Industrial Economics
Unviersity of Asia and the Pacific, Philippines
Bachelor of Science in Statistics
University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines
Ph.D. in Economics
University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines
(Co-Author) Women, Media, and Human Rights: A Historical Approach to Gender Equality, the Cases of Korea and the Philippines (Gretchen Q. Jao, Yujin Lee, Nicole Dominique A. Parado, Kevin Neil G. Tan, Jiyun Won, Jovi C. Dacanay)
Far Eastern University Communication Journal 2009
Learning Curve Spillovers and Transactions Cost in the Microfinance Industry of the Philippines
Journal of Entrepreneurship & Organization Management 2015
(Co-author) Microfinance, Financial Inclusion and Financial Development: An Empirical Investigation with an International Perspective
MSKE2011 – Managing Services in the Knowledge Economy - Proceedings 2011
(Co-author) Challenges in health services trade: Philippine case
In Pasadilla, Gloria, ed. The global challenge in services trade: a look at Philippine competitiveness (ISBN 978-971-564-056-5 RP 09-06-500) 2006
Beyond Needs Gratification: Happiness Economics as Human Flourishing
II International Conference Family and Society, Conference Proceedings, Rita Cavallotti and Consuelo León, editors 2015
Happiness as Life Satisfaction and Human Flourishing: An Economic Perspective
Toward the Future of Asia: My Proposal (Best Papers of the 2nd Asia Future Conference), Junko Imanishi, editor 2015
(Co-author) Information Cascades as Social Learning: The Case of Box-Office Ticket Sales in the Philippines
Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Knowledge Management 2010
(Co-author) Venerable Bishop Álvaro and the Laity as Leaven in Society: Instilling Moral Capital through the Mentoring System of the University of Asia and the Pacific
Vir Fidelis Multum Laudabitur, Pablo Gefaell, Editor 2014
Movie Exhibition Industry: Bringing Cash to the Box Office
part 1-5 Sep 2016 - Jan 2017
Universl and Commercial Banking in the Philippines”
Staff Memos 2015
(Co-Author) Cross-Cultural Differences in a Global “Survey of World Views”
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 2015