Faculty Profile

Ph.D. in Communication
University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines
Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Unviersity of Asia and the Pacific, Philippines
Understanding the Reputation and Image of the Philippine Public Relations Industry.
Public Relations Review 2007
Understanding the Current State of Philippine Public Relations Industry and Practice
Synergeia 2006
When Servant Becomes Leader: The Corazon C. Aquino Story as a Beacon for Business Leaders
Journal of Business Ethics 2013
The Utility of Virtue: Management, Spirituality and Ethics for a Secular Business World
Asian Journal of Business Ethics 2016
Public Relations in the Philippines, A Cultural, Historical, Political, and Socio-economic Perspective
Public Relations in Asia, An Anthology by K. Sriramesh 2004
Bringing Back the Essence of the “S” and “R” to CSR: understanding the Limitations of the Merchant Trade and the White Man’s Burden.
Journal of Business Ethics 2013
Journalism as Public Relations
Media Asia 2004
Why Corporate Social Responsibility Remains a Myth (CSR): The Case of the Philippines.
Asian Business & Management (ABM) 2009
Why Ethics Should Matter in Integrated Marketing Communication
Synergeia 2010